Howth Horse Riders Code of Conduct


Coming Soon - Code of Conduct

Howth Riding Club (recently established for the purpose, inter alia, of preserving long standing rights of way for horse riding in Howth) is currently drawing up a Code of Conduct, in discussion with Howth Pathways, Howth Sutton Community Council, and Fingal Co. Council, for horse riding in Howth and it is hoped that all horse riders, visitors and locals alike, will abide by this code.  

In the meantime, here are some common sense guidelines and facts for both riders and non-riders alike:

Horse Dung

Never clean out your horsebox or trailer in a car park, lay by or onto a path. If your horse dungs whilst tied up outside your vehicle please pick it up and take it home with you.  

 Enjoy your ride but leave no trace of your visit

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