Horse Treks in Howth

 Trekking 5

There are several treks to choose from:

Howth Horse Treks are on a one-to-one basis - ie. only one rider and a guide per trek. Your horse for the trek will be our 17 year old Irish cob, Riverside Beauty. Your experienced guide will accompany you on our Polish warmblood, Bibi.  Experienced riders may choose which horse they would like to ride.

Both horses are prizewinning carriage driving horses and their wonderful temperament makes them well suited to leisurely trekking and your safety.

Treks will be tailored to your riding ability and will generally last about an hour. More experienced riders may ride for longer while treks for novice riders can be amended to suit your needs.


Our aim is for you to enjoy a leisurely horse ride surrounded by the wonderful beauty of Howth                           


 The welfare of the horses is paramount at all times. We reserve the right to amend, adjourn or cancel any trek, ride, lesson or tour at any time due to weather conditions and/or illness/injury of the horses.  Likewise, the safety of the rider is of our utmost concern and every care is taken to ensure an enjoyable and happy ride. However, if it is deemed that the rider is not capable enough to continue, we reserve the right to amend, adjourn or cancel the trek.  Please be honest about your riding ability.