Horse Trekking in Howth


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Sheer Bliss!


Welcome to Howth Horse Trekking


Enjoy Howth on Horseback 




We offer a unique one-to-one horse trekking experience on the furze covered summit of

the beautiful Howth Peninsula, only 15 km from the hustle and bustle of Dublin City






The picturesque village of Howth is the last remaining working fishing harbour on the

east coast of Ireland and its hinterland, criss-crossed by many paths and trails, is largely

unspoilt, making it ideal for trekking on horseback.                                                                      



Treks will be tailored to your riding ability and will generally last about an hour.  


For safety reasons, we do not take out beginners - you must be able to trot at the very least.                                                                                                                    

Experience Howth from a new perspective



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Discover IrelandLand of the Horse - on Horseback – in a truly unique way - just 15km from Dublin City Centre


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